December 2018 Novel

The End of Music

In The End of Music, Jamie Fitzpatrick’s two mesmerizing, interwoven narratives circle the lives of Joyce, a modern young woman navigating the fraught social mores of a small town in its post-war heyday, and her son, Carter, more than fifty years later, whose days as an aspiring rock star are over. As Joyce’s memories of the past begin to escape her, her son’s past returns to haunt him. Brilliantly and unflinchingly revealing the inner lives of his characters, Fitzpatrick offers an extraordinary novel, with two startling twists, about women, men, and reckoning with the past.

Author - Jamie Fitzpatrick

Jamie Fitzpatrick is a host and producer at CBC Radio. His first novel, You Could Believe in Nothing, won the Fresh Fish Award for Emerging Writers in Newfoundland and Labrador. He lives in St. John’s.

Publisher - Breakwater Books

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Reader/Advocate - Leigha Chiasson-Locke, Librarian

Leigha Chiasson-Locke is the Regional Librarian for St. John’s public libraries. Once upon a time she was a secondary school teacher, she has always been a devout lover and enthusiast of comic books and all she wants to do is share great things to read with anyone who will listen. She is a voracious reader who reads as much as she can and probably even tries to read too much! She is thrilled to participate in NL Reads as a reader advocate.

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