November 2018 Novel

Most Anything You Please

For decades, the Holloways have operated a convenience store in the working-class neighborhood of Rabbittown in St. John’s, and every customer has a story. In a vibrant, contemporary family saga, filled with idiosyncratic characters, Trudy Morgan-Cole tells the tale of three generations of Holloway women—Ellen, Audrey, and Rachel—their loves and their livelihood in times of great change. Most Anything You Please captures the spirit of a community and the women who hold it together, revealing the bonds that break and the ties that bind.

Author - Trudy Morgan Cole

Trudy Morgan-Cole’s previous works of historical fiction include By the Rivers of Brooklyn, Lydia: A Story of Philippi, and The Violent Friendship of Esther Johnson. She lives in St. John’s with her husband and two children, and teaches English, writing, and social studies to adult learners.

Publisher - Breakwater Books

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Reader/Advocate - Stephanie Tobin - CBC

Stephanie Tobin has been working with the CBC in St. John’s since 2012, with bylines as a digital reporter, as well as working in roles including social media presenter and digital producer. From northern Ontario, she has called Newfoundland home for eight or so years. Can frequently be found at the Michael Donovan Library.

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"A changing family, and a changing city; Trudy Morgan-Cole takes you through the decades of the Holloway family, from Bonavista Bay, to Rabbittown, to Louisiana and back again, as the matriarchs - and their community - adjust to the changing modern face of St. John's." - Stephanie Tobin

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