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Western Books by Mail

Books by Mail (Western Newfoundland & Labrador Regions)

How Do I Apply?

Print the application form below and mail, fax, or email it to Books by Mail using the address below. You can also now make your request online by clicking on "Request Books Online" link on this page.

Mailing address:

West Newfoundland-Labrador Division
Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries
4 West Street
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 0C1

Phone: (709) 634-7333
Fax: (709) 634-7313

How Does it Work?

Choose up to 8 titles from our online Library Catalogue and return the request card to us. Your books will be shipped to you as soon as possible. We will mail your request with everything you need to return the books. Please be sure to use the mailing label enclosed with each specific shipment of books to return them. No stamps are needed. A new request card is sent with each order.

The date the books are to be returned is stamped in the back of the book. Books are due back 6 weeks from the date we mail them to you. No new books can be sent until all books are returned from your first order.

What if a Book I Want isn't in the Catalogue?

Write to us at the Books by Mail address. We will do our best to locate a copy of the book at one of our libraries and have it loaned directly to you.

What if I Need Materials for a School Project?

Talk to your school library staff or teacher about requesting materials on your topic from our Regional Resource Library in Corner Brook.


We regret that for Books by Mail:

  • We cannot accept telephone requests or selections in person.
  • Requests will not be accepted at any local library.

There is NO CHARGE for this service, but if you lose or damage a book, you are responsible for paying to replace the book. You may be asked to pay for the insurance cost for rare or special titles we obtain for you on Interlibrary loan.

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