Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments are in the collection?

Currently, there are a variety of stringed instruments such as acoustic guitars (nylon-stringed & steel-stringed in various sizes), acoustic bass guitars, violins (various sizes), ukuleles, mandolins, and banjos in the collection, as well as a selection of hand drums such as bongos, cajons, doumbeks and djembes.

What do I need to borrow an instrument?

You need an NLPL library card in good standing (i.e. outstanding fines/charges less than $10). 

Note that instruments are not available for loan to Access cardholders, Subscription cardholders, or Visitor cardholders.

Do I have to pay to borrow an instrument?

Borrowing an instrument is free. Like other library materials, there are daily fines for late returns and charges for lost or damaged instruments, containers and accessories.

How many instruments can I borrow?

You can borrow one instrument at a time.

How long is the loan period? Can I renew the instrument?

The loan period is 28 days (4 weeks). If no one has requested that instrument, you may renew for an additional 28 days. There is a limit of 1 renewal.

Where do I go to get an instrument?

Instruments are kept at the A.C. Hunter Library. If you know which instrument you want to borrow and the library catalogue says it is IN, go to the circulation desk at the A.C. Hunter Library. If you need help to search the catalogue or determine what to ask for, talk to our staff.

Where do I return the instrument?

Instruments must be returned to the circulation desk at the A.C.Hunter Library during open hours.

Where can I get help learning how to play an instrument?

There are books, DVDs, etc. in the library collection that can help you learn to play the instrument. Ask library staff or have a look at our resources page.

Can I place a hold on an instrument that is currently on loan?

Yes, but there is a limit of only one instrument hold per card at any given time. When you are notified that the instrument is ready for pick up, you will need to come to the A.C. Hunter Library.

What happens if I damage or lose the instrument I borrowed?

As with other library materials borrowed, you are responsible for musical instruments borrowed on your card and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost or damaged. 

Where can I donate my instrument?

The A.C. Hunter Library can use stringed instruments, keyboards, and light percussion. You can bring them to the A.C. Hunter Library during open hours or to Long & McQuade on Kenmount Road.

Will all donated instruments be added to the Sun Life Musical Instrument Lending Library at the A.C. Hunter Library?

Similar to other donations to the A.C. Hunter Library, the library reserves the right to decide on the disposition of all gifts received. All gifts become the property of the A.C. Hunter Library.


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