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Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries have been serving the communities of Newfoundland & Labrador since 1935. By supporting your local library today, you are ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy community based library services.

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When you become a library user, you can borrow books, magazines, audio books and DVDS, and use other services such as computers with Internet Access, wireless Access, and our eLibrary. Get your Free Library Card Today!

You can also enjoy various programs and take part in exclusive events throughout the year for yourself and your family.


Every library has a volunteer local board. As a member, you can help to contribute to the well being of your community. It's fun and rewarding! Ask your local library if there are any openings on your local board.

Donation of Library Materials

The Provincial Information and Library Resources Board is grateful for gifts of library materials because these help enrich our collections and make the best use of our limited resources. However, the public should be aware of the following stipulations regarding library donations:

  1. Generally the PILRB will only accept donations of library print, audio or visual materials if it is published (printed or in some cases reprinted) in the previous or current year and then only if we need it for our collection.

  2. Materials donated to the library will be accepted only on the principle that the library has complete jurisdiction over their disposal. This may mean that they are sold, discarded or sent to another library, if they are not added to the collection of the library to which they are donated.

  3. We normally do not accept:
    • Materials older than 5 years which are not in demand, have poor reviews or have no historical value

    • Textbooks

    • Duplicates of items already in the library or where there is insufficient demand for additional copies.

    • Material in poor physical condition which would not justify the expense of cataloguing and processing.

    • Publications excludeded by the Collection Development Policy

  4. Library Staff are not obligated to accept materials even if they were published in the current or previous year and in good condition because there may be space limitations.

  5. Charitable Donation Receipts are only issued for those items that are added to our collections.

If you have any questions regarding whether or not items will be accepted, please contact your public library before bringing the items in for evaluation.

Donations of Money

The Provincial Information and Library Resources Board gladly accepts cash donations in support of library programs and services, for a special project or in memory of a loved one. We will ensure any donations received are spent in accordance with the wishes of the donor. If you would like more information, please contact your local library or Provincial Headquarters at (709) 643-0900.