Lou Englehart Paintings

Lou Englehart was an artist born in Cambellton, New Brunswick in 1915. He started sketching and painting at a very young age and enjoyed creating Christmas decorations as a child (1985 CBC). "He studied commercial art and cartooning in Ohio before attending the Vancouver School of Art, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 1949. He went on to teach as an art specialist with the BC Department of Education for 25 years" (Railway & Forestry).

Lou particularly loved sketching and painting sites and items that he thought might disappear with time in order to preserve their memory as a part of Canadian history. For example, in the 1970’s and 1980’s he painted many portraits of various beehive burners in British Columbia. However, Lou also travelled across the Atlantic Provinces and painted many sites during his travels. In Newfoundland he loved capturing the fish houses, or fish stores, on canvas as he felt they would eventually fall into the sea, decomposing from lack of use and maintenance once the fisheries took a downturn (1985 CBC).

Lou Englehart painted over 160 scenes in Newfoundland alone. The Englehart family has donated many of Lou’s paintings to various museums and charitable organizations. NLPL is lucky enough to be one of the recipient organizations that the Englehart family has chosen to donate to. We are currently proud owners of 17 exquisite Lou Englehart oil paintings depicting fish stores in many Newfoundland outports such as Twillingate, Calvert, Bridgeport and more.

Below you will see 17 of painting that the Englehart family donated to the Newfoundland and Labrador Libraries. The collection rotates in libraries around the province and are currently available for your viewing pleasure in Gander Public Library and the Arts and Culture Library in St. John's. Coming soon we will have a photo gallery of all the beautiful paintings Lou created in the Atlantic Provinces.

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