Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a reservation using the NLPL Connect Pass?

  1. Click on “Book a Pass” here or on any of the Connect Pass webpages.
  2. Log in to the Connect Pass reservations system using your library card and PIN.
  3. Browse for passes by date or venue. Please note that passes are in high demand and supplies may be limited!
  4. Make a reservation.
  5. Make sure to read each offer carefully, as some passes will require you to contact the box office to reserve assigned seating tickets. In those cases, the pass is not valid for entry until tickets have been reserved. (Instructions will be on the pass.)
  6. Print or download your pass shortly before your visit. Remember that once you print/download your pass you cannot cancel your reservation. Passes are only redeemable during hours that each venue is open to the public—be sure to check the venue’s hours before you reserve!
  7. Bring your pass to the venue on the date listed, and enjoy! The cardholder who reserved the pass must be present at the venue to redeem free entry, and will need to show ID (driver’s license, NL ID, library card, MCP card, passport, etc.).

Why I am not able to log in?

  • Make sure you’re using your full library barcode, not just the numbers at the end (as you might do when talking to library staff).
  • Have you changed your phone number in recent years? Your PIN might be related to your old phone number. You can reset your PIN by using the Library PIN Lookup tool on our website.
  • If in doubt, call our library staff for help at 709-737-3950.

Which cultural institutions are available for reservation through the Connect Pass?

You can see which museums, gardens, parks, shows and recreational activities are part of the Connect Pass network by clicking on Participating Organizations. Don’t see your organization listed? Contact us at to learn how you can participate!

When are passes for a new month available?

Passes will be released for three months at a time, with new months added on the first of every month. For instance, on May 1st, new passes for July will be released and the software will allow booking for May, June and July dates. On June 1st, bookings will extend to August. Please note that passes may be in high demand and supplies are limited at each site, with a certain number of passes available per month.

Is there an age limit to participate in NLPL Connect Pass?

You must be at least 13 years old to reserve a pass, and have either a young adult or adult library card. Children can use their card to browse the available passes, but will not be able to make a reservation. If you are 13+ and your card isn’t allowing you to reserve passes, contact your local library to make sure your card is registered as youth or adult.

How many passes can I reserve?

You can reserve one pass per attraction per calendar year and you can have two active reservations at one time. Having two active reservations will stop you from making additional bookings for future dates until the date for one of your active reservations has passed. If you reserve a pass but do not use it (or cancel it in advance) you will not be able to book for that institution until the next calendar year.

How do I cancel an active Connect Pass reservation?

You can only cancel a pass if you have not clicked on the “Print/Download” button and agreed to the warning that passes cannot be cancelled after viewing or printing. For this reason, we recommend printing your pass one day prior to your reservation. Library staff cannot cancel passes for you. If you need to cancel, please do so with three days notice (when possible) to allow someone else to use the pass. For attractions that are weather-dependent (such as Nordic skiing) we recommend waiting until the day before the booking, and printing/downloading only when you know the weather will permit the venue to open. If you cancel without printing/downloading, then you will still be able to re-book in the same season.

If you have already downloaded the pass, and the venue is closed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the library at 709-737-3950 for assistance.

How many people can use one pass?

Passes are generally good for admission for up to 2 adults plus up to 4 children/youth. Occasionally this may differ based on the nature of the venue/event. Be sure to carefully read the details when reserving your pass. Children must be accompanied by adults or teens.

Passes are not transferable. The cardholder who reserved the pass must be present to redeem free entry, and will need to show ID (driver’s license, NL ID, library card, MCP card, passport, etc.)

Can I book or print a pass at a library branch?

Yes! Please ask staff at any of our library locations, and we will print your Connect Pass for free. If you need help booking a pass, our staff would be happy to help you with that as well.

Is there a mobile version of NLPL Connect Pass?

Yes, you can access the NLPL Connect Pass website on your mobile device. Currently, there is no NLPL Connect Pass app.

Why can’t I make a reservation?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to make a reservation:

  • No passes are currently available. Check back on the first of the month!
  • You have two active reservations—the maximum you can have at any given time.
  • You’ve already used up your pass at this venue for the year.
  • You’re not using an adult or teen library card (children’s cards can browse only). Contact us to update your card if you are 13 or older.

How can I reset my PIN?

You can reset your PIN by using the Library PIN Lookup tool on our website.

How can I support this program and the organization who donated the pass I used?

  • Tell a friend about your experience
  • Post about your visit on social media (use #NLPLConnectPass, tag the organization & NLPL)
  • Leave a positive review for the organization online
  • Fill out the survey we send you after your visit
  • Visit again in the future!

Is this the same as Canoo?

No, but you can use both if you’re eligible. Canoo is a Canada-wide cultural pass program specifically for newcomers to Canada. Anyone who received their citizenship in the past 12 month or permanent resident status in the past 5 years is eligible. More information at:


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