The AC Hunter 2nd floor is closed to the public in preparation for upgrades. Please call 737-2133 if you would like any items normally housed on the 2nd floor and a staff member will be happy to assist you.
Effective Tuesday March 15, 2022, public libraries that are not located in schools are open without restrictions. However, patron use of face masks and social distancing is strongly recommended.

Patrons entering a public library that is housed in a school are required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

Musgrave Harbour Public Library




Latitude: 49.448186
Longitude: -53.949745

Directions and Other Library Details

The John B. Wheeler Public Library is located inside Gill Memorial Academy in center of town. Use main entrance and take the stairs to your right. Library is located at the first door on your left at top of stairs. At this time patrons cannot enter the library but you can phone or email for a book and when that book is available you will be called to pick it up and the book will be brought to your car and placed in your trunk. 655-2722 email:



  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday  Closed,  Closed,  Closed
Tuesday  Closed,  1:30 - 5:00,  6:00 - 8:30
Wednesday  Closed,  1:30 - 5:00,  6:00 - 8:30
Thursday  Closed,  1:30 - 5:00,  6:00 - 8:30
Friday  Closed,  Closed,  Closed
Saturday  Closed,  Closed,  Closed
Sunday  Closed,  Closed,  Closed

Curbside Pickup Hours

Before going to the library to pickup your materials, please check the status of curbside pickup service. Our location may be offering curbside pickup by appointment only. If the service status is by appointment only, please call the library to schedule your pickup.

  Session 1 Session 2 Service Status


  • Free Internet Access
  • Free Wireless Internet Access
  • Fax *
  • Printing *
  • Photocopying *
  • Document and Picture Scanning
  • Inter-Library Loans
  • Computer Training
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Magazines
  • Photocopying *
  • Computer Training
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Magazines
  • Photocopying *
  • Story Time
  • Book Club
  • Craft Night
  • Group Visits
  • Home Reader Service
  • Large Print Books
  • Study Room
  • Services marked with * indicates a small fee for service.

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